Fabricated letters

Laser cut, Water Jet, CNC Routed even Hand Crafted lettering. Finished in a myriad of colours and textures. They are simply stunning to look at. With 3D lettering,  thick or thin, as small as 10mm and upward of 10 meters, these create natural shadows, amazing lines, contrast and depth and are as stylish as your imagination can conjur up.

LED Light Boxes and Illuminated Signs

Latex Printed Fabric combined with aluminium extrusions and super bright and efficient LED lighting creates digital TV like finishes bringing the most extreme POP! to the colours in your designs.

Traditional light boxes, point of sale, back lit fabricated lettering, the sky is the limit. Using the latest LED technology has elimated the need for expensive electrical work, we can install these safely and they are super cheap to run and highly effective to look at. These can be custom made for any application and not as expensive as you would think.

Banners and Billboards

Digitally printed banners are ideal for large scale format. This is an area we have a great deal of experience in. The banners are measured to perfection, allowing for stretch and with our colour coded aluminium sail track system, we can stretch these as tight as a drum. Super high resolution prints are easily interchangable and its a very cost effective way of branding and advertising. We can install solar powered lighting to get these noticed in the dark and gloomy Melbourne winter. Sizes can be literally massive, covering whole high rise buildings in banner mesh is as easy as a phone call.


Full vehicle wraps, vinyl cut logos, one way vision windows, food vans, trucks, trailors, motorcycles, even push bikes. Your vehicle is basically a moving billboard. This is still the most effective and striking way to get your branding seen and noticed by literally thousands of people, everyday. A great designed and well applied vehicle wrap is seriously impressive and it simply can not be ignored.  


We specialise in Retail. From wall prints, custom shopfitting, bespoke furniture and one of a kind custom made 3d Signage, we can tailor your ideas from the concept right through the design process, fabrication and installation. If you are a startup or well established brand looking to refresh, we can get you sorted quickly, without stress and best of all, we take the time to listen and understand your vision. This stuff should be easy and enjoyable.


Outcry Media has over 20 years experience in Event Signage. Working on Melbourne Grand Prix, Australian Open Tennis, Australia wide on the V8 Supercar series, PGA Golf events as well as many Media Pushes and one off Brand Launches. In many different capacities, whether it is Event Management or Print supply and Installation accross a diverse array of platforms like Music, Sport, Fashion, Exhibitions, 

Conventions, you name it, we are used to tight deadlines and high pressure, we deliver, everytime and without the stress and ego that often goes with this type of work.

Hand Written & Traditional Sign Writing.

Being on the cusp of when the College of Arts abolished hand writing from the criteria for Apprentices, I was lucky to be the last generation able to learn the craft. Working on Motor Racing Events for over 15 years, I honed my skills in large format hand written layout and brush work. Its a rare skill and its something I love doing. The resurgence in the Hipster culture has given us a great opportunity to work on the more intricate and sort after gold leaf, and the feel and character in a hand written sign is simply something that can not be replicated. Its a dying art, but not dead yet at Outcry Media.